We will establish a foundational, systems-level understanding of plant, microbial, and environmental interactions that will lead to translational strategies to enhance growth and sustainability of sorghum through improved genetic and microbial adaptations to water and nutrient-limited environments.


To compete in the energy market, biofuel feedstocks need to be high yielding and carbon neutral or negative. To avoid competition with existing food production systems, these crops will need to be grown on marginal lands with few inputs.


Principal Investigator, Daniel Schachtman, assembled an interdisciplinary team with a wide range of expertise in genetics, genomics, metabolite and transcript profiling, plant-microbe interactions, physiology, metagenomics, phenomics, breeding, and computational and statistical methods.

Experiments & Data

Greenhouse and Field Data collected in 2016 and 2017 is available by request.  A flowchart of the data is accessible through the link below.